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U.S. Space Force reveals official song ©
U.S. Space Force Public Affairs
Video by Staff Sgt. Adam Shanks
Sept. 20, 2022 | 2:27
The U.S. Space Force, the newest military branch established in 2019, has officially adopted its own song titled “Semper Supra” that was unveiled during the 2022 Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, Sept. 20.

C2022 Department of the U.S. Air Force
All Rights Reserved

The Department of the Air Force owns the exclusive copyright to the Space
Force official anthem, "Semper Supra." For information regarding
commercial/business use and sheet music requests, please visit:

SSC Press Releases

January 2023

06 JAN 2023 - Space Systems Command in final preparations with Virgin Orbit National Systems for upcoming air launch from England aboard “Cosmic Girl” 747 carrier aircraft 

03 JAN 2023 - Space Systems Command Launches EWS cubesat technical demonstration





28 NOV 2022 - Space Systems Command Exercises Contract Option for Three Additional GPS IIIF Satellites

28 NOV 2022 - Space Systems Command’s Missile Track Custody Program Completes Critical Design Review, All Systems Go for Continued Development of Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) Sensors

28 NOV 2022 - Final Arctic Protected Satellite Communications Payload Delivered for Integration on International Host Vehicle

18 NOV 2022 -
Space Systems Command Opens the Door for Blue Origin to Provide Future National Security Space Launches

14 NOV 2022 - Next Space Force payload arrives in Florida ahead of January 2023 launch

01 NOV 2021 -  LDPE-2 spacecraft encapsulated, mated to Falcon Heavy rocket for launch Nov. 1

27 OCT 2022 - U.S. Space Force, Space Systems Command poised to launch multiple payloads on first National Security Space Launch mission aboard SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket

26 OCT 2022 - Space Systems Command’s Wide Field of View (WFOV) Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) Demonstration Receives “First Light”

25 OCT 2022 - Space security researchers clash for final Hack-A-Sat 3 challenge; Aims to crack on space vulnerability

25 OCT 2022 - Sixth GPS III satellite safely arrives in Florida for January launch 

14 OCT 2022 - Space Force preparing SpaceX Falcon Heavy for National Security Launch



30 SEP 2022 - SSC awards STP-S29A launch service task order to Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

30 SEP 2022 - SSC awards space and ground systems task order, launch service task order in support of VICTUS NOX mission

24 SEP 2022 -
U.S. Space Force’s Space Systems Command successfully launches NRO payload aboard last United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket from West Coast

22 SEP 2022 - U.S. Space Force, Space Systems Command prepares to launch NRO payload aboard final United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy from West Coast this weekend

15 SEP 2022 - New Combined Program Office to Enhance U.S. Ability to Prevail Against Threats in Space

08 SEP 2022 -
Space Systems Command Awards $272M contract to non-traditional company SciTec

07 SEP 2022 -  Miniature Serial Interface Program achieves Preliminary Design Review Milestone



30 AUG 2022 - Space Force’s EPS-R Gateway Site Breaks Ground at Clear Space Force Station, Alaska

26 AUG 2022 - 
GPS III Space Vehicle 09 declared “Available for Launch”

25 AUG 2022 - TacRS Reverse Industry Day: Another Successful Event for SSC

04 AUG 2022 - Space Systems Command, United Launch Alliance successfully launches SBIRS GEO-6 National Security Space mission to improve nation's missile warning and space situational awareness



JULY 2022

28 JULY 2022 - SSC hosts a successful Space Domain Awareness Industry Day

26 JULY 2022 - Space Systems Command selects Orion Space Solutions for Tetra-5 Other Transaction Agreement

22 JULY 2022 - Space Systems Command hosts Space Domain Awareness Industry Day

14 JULY 2022 - Space Systems Command awards $147.7 million GPS support contract to Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

12 JULY 2022 - Space Systems Command's Next Industry Day to Highlight Space Domain Awareness

02 JULY 2022 - Space Systems Command successfully air launches seven satellites from Virgin Orbit’s Boeing 747/LauncherOne for the U.S. Space Force

01 JULY 2022 - Space Systems Command successfully launches U.S. Space Force (USSF) - 12 mission


JUNE 2022

28 JUNE 2022 - Space Systems Command and Virgin Orbit National Systems prepare for upcoming Space Test Program launch

23 JUNE 2022 - Space security researchers worldwide qualify for 3rd annual Hack-A-Sat competition

10 JUNE 2022 - Space Systems Command delivers final SBIRS Space Vehicle to Cape Canaveral

08 JUNE 2022 - First Enhanced Polar Systems-Recapitalization payloads delivered  -  Begins integration onto Space Norway’s Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission host space vehicle

07 JUNE 2022 - Space Systems Command partners with Naval Research Laboratory, Virgin Orbit National Systems for historic UK launch coinciding with Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year

03 JUNE 2022 - Space Systems Command plans summer launch for USSF-12

02 JUNE 2022 - Space Systems Command Achieves Milestone in Global Positioning System (GPS) Program’s Enterprise Modernization Effort


MAY 2022

26 MAY 2022 - Space Systems Command Issues Launch Task Orders for FY22 NSS Missions

26 MAY 2022 - SSC CSCO reaches critical milestone for IA-Pre, roll-out begins today

12 MAY 2022 - Space Systems Command Releases TacRS-3 Solicitation on Orbital Services Program 4 (OSP-4) Contract to Emerging Small Launch Providers in Support of the VICTUS NOX Mission


APRIL 2022

22 APR 2022 - SSC Unified Data Library and Space Fence establish Direct Sensor Connection

21 APR 2022 - SSC Awards Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) System Engineering & Integration (SE&I) Follow-on Contract to SAIC

17 APR 2022 - US Space Force, SpaceX successfully launches National Reconnaissance Office mission from California

11 APR 2022 - Space Systems Command prepares to launch NRO mission from California’s Vandenberg Space Force Base aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket this week


MARCH 2022

31 MAR 2022 - SSC awards $25 million for enhanced space simulation and astrodynamics training platform

14 MAR 2022 - SSC successfully completes EPS-R CAPS Factory Acceptance Test

01 MAR 2022 - Next-Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared Program Selects Mission Payload Suppliers



28 FEB 2022 - SSC EWS Program completes System Final Design Review, selects contractors

23 FEB 2022 - SSC STEM Event Media Advisory

22 FEB 2022 - SSC Awards DARC Site 1 Contract to Northrop Grumman

02 FEB 2022 - Space Systems Command launches NRO payload aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket



26 JAN 2022 - Space Systems Command is Modernizing Space Domain Awareness Capabilities and Begins the
                         Decommissioning of JMS SP-9

21 JAN 2022 -  Space Systems Command successfully launches USSF-8 mission for U.S. Space Force

20 JAN 2022 -  U.S. Space Force, Space Systems Command set to launch next two GSSAP spacecrafts to geosynchronous orbit

13 JAN 2022 - USSF successfully launches 4 satellites from VOX Space 747, demonstrates versatility in payload delivery




22 DEC 2021 - DARC Technology Demonstration test a success

21 DEC 2021 - STP-H7 & H8 successfully launched aboard NASA's SpaceX CRS-24 ISS resupply mission

07 DEC 2021 - Space Systems Command successfully launches Space Test Program-3 mission

06 DEC 2021 - SSC awards contract to PredaSAR for on-orbit hybrid architecture demonstration

03 DEC 2021 - Space Test Program-3 completes roll-out in preparation for Dec. 5 launch



29 NOV 2021 - USSF is partnering with VOX Space for R&D Multi-Satellite launch

22 NOV 2021 - Space Test Program-3 spacecraft encapsulated, mated to Atlas V ahead of Dec. 5 launch

22 NOV 2021 - Space Force conducts successful demonstration launch from Kodiak, Alaska on Astra’s Rocket 3 

17 NOV 2021 - Newly-established Space Systems Command shows off agile chops with Space Safari

10 NOV 2021 - SSC Evolved Strategic SATCOM Program Uses Competition to Drive Threat-Focused Acquisition

08 NOV 2021 - SSC's Unified Data Library participates in Army's Project Convergence



22 OCT 2021 - COSMIC-2 Reaches Full Operational Capability

07 OCT 2021 - Space Enterprise Consortium achieves 600th member milestone; Next General Membership Meeting scheduled for 19 Oct.



21 SEP 2021 - SSC, Boeing demonstrate successful Protected Tactical Waveform test at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory

17 SEP 2021 - USSF conducts MGUE Joint Service demonstration

17 SEP 2021 - Harnessing the power of Data: SSC awards contract to Palantir

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