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Space Domain Awareness and Combat Power


Space Domain Awareness & Combat Power is the Space Systems Command Program Executive Office (PEO) focused on delivering cyber, ground- and space-based systems that rapidly detect, warn, characterize, attribute, and predict threats to national, allied, and commercial space systems, while also providing National Security deterrence capabilities countering those identified threats to prevail in a space conflict.


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Space Domain Awareness

• Rapidly detect, warn, characterize, attribute, and predict threats to national, allied, and commercial space systems
• High capacity ground radars, detailed optical systems, and space-based assets maximize full characterization


Combat Power

• National security deterrence capabilities countering threats and aggression and prevail in conflict in space
• Unrivaled offensive and defensive capabilities required to gain, maintain, and exploit space superiority


Innovation & Prototyping

• Next-generation rapid, innovative & affordable technology that leverages international, commercial, & interagency partnerships


Space Domain Awareness & Combat Power is a diverse portfolio of over 60 space and ground based programs valued over $10B to develop, acquire, field, and sustain vital, cutting-edge military space capabilities for our warfighters, civil space, and allies.

Space Domain Awareness & Combat Power is a large PEO organization at Space Systems Command with over 700 government personnel, and around 1,200 when including support contractors.  While headquartered at Los Angeles AFB, California, we also have a large geographic footprint, with Geographically Separated Units (GSUs) supporting us across the country at Peterson SFB, Colorado, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, and Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts.

Space Domain Awareness & Combat Power has over 30 operational systems that are all over the world, spanning 5 continents.  We primarily support Delta 2, Delta 3, Delta 5, and Delta 9 of the Space Operations Command, in addition to several Government agencies and allied partners.

Perpetual and prolific space domain awareness is a foundational requirement for continued, sustainable use of space. The need is all the more urgent in today’s contested and congested space domain where satellites are proliferating, adversaries are demonstrating aggressive behaviors, and additional threats are emerging.  These new threats necessitate dominant and resilient combat power that can gain and maintain space superiority.



Space Domain Awareness & Combat Power was established to stay ahead of emerging threats by partnering with the defense and commercial industry, academia and allied partners to deliver cutting edge technology in support of full and continuous characterization of the space domain and, when necessary, prevailing in a multi-domain conflict that extends to space.

Focus areas include space domain awareness, and offensive/defensive counterspace capabilities with a special focus on protecting and defending against kinetic, non-kinetic, electronic and cyber attacks aimed at satellites and ground stations.  A dedicated Innovation and Prototyping Acquisition Delta leads the way to enable and deliver next-generation space enterprise solutions through rapid, innovative and affordable technology that leverages the full spectrum of partnerships.

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