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Battle Management Command, Control & Communications (BMC3) is the Space Systems Command Program Executive Office (PEO) focused on advancing ground capabilities that will accelerate space warfighting ensuring our Nation’s military superiority.  

Through innovation, modernization, and partnerships we are building the foundation that strengthens the space ground architecture to address current and emerging threats, keeping pace with technology advancements, and ensuring resiliency across the enterprise.  

The race is on to get resilient capabilities into space ahead of rapidly emerging threats.  Space Systems Command is accelerating the pace of innovation via partnerships with the commercial space industry, traditional & non-traditional defense contractors, academia, and allied nations.  For more information and to get involved, contact


Winning tomorrow’s war will rely on speed and the space systems that allow us to act faster than our adversaries.  Our ability to withstand, recover, respond and maneuver more quickly will determine who achieves the competitive advantage in space.  BMC3 was established to rapidly acquire advanced Space Command, Control, and Communications (C3) systems that accelerate space warfighting to ensure we counter the fast-growing threats that put the U.S. and allies at risk.

The programs within BMC3 are focused on advancing tactical and operational level Space C3 capabilities.  Common platforms and services, automation, and baked in cyber security supported by modern and resilient data transport solutions will revolutionize tactical C3.  Advanced space domain awareness capabilities, enterprise data management initiatives, and the latest tools that accelerates the decision-making process will fundamentally change operational C2.  The efficiency, interoperability, and speed resulting from these combined efforts will change the rules of modern warfare.    

Tactical Command, Control, & Communications (TC3)

TC3 programs are transforming satellite operations through enterprise efforts, automation, and modernization of our data transport capabilities.  TC3 includes synergistic efforts between Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) and Information Mobility.

EGS provides a suite of cyber-secure tactical C2 services to the space enterprise using open standards and a common platform to eliminate stovepipes across space systems.  EGS is also focused on building the foundational elements that enable automation of routine functions allowing space operators to perform more complex space warfighting tasks, baked in cyber security, and a common user experience that will reduce the time and resources needed to train space operators.  For mission partners, EGS offers the opportunity to leverage common services when they are available, thus reducing risk associated with time and resources to develop stovepiped infrastructures and platforms.
Information Mobility consists of prototyping efforts such as Commercial Augmentation Services (CAS) and Federal Augmentation Services (FAS), that will modernize the aging Satellite Control Network (SCN) to address the need for greater network capacity due to proliferation of on orbit assets.  Efforts are also focused on building a scalable, resilient, and cyber-secure architecture to provide a robust warfighting communications network. 


Operational Command & Control

The programs within Ops C2 are focused on transforming and accelerating the decision-making process.  Space C2 provides infrastructure and enterprise services as well as develops applications to enable prompt and resilient operational-level C2 capabilities. Space C2 is pioneering ways to acquire new software, streamlining meaningful reporting requirements, and influencing new software acquisition pathway policy across the DoD. This effort will enable a fundamental shift in how we develop operationally relevant software capabilities and deliver them directly into the hands of warfighters.
Programs within Ops C2 are also focused on providing modern data solutions that enable command and control at the speed of battle.  Data focused efforts include the Unified Data Library which provides a secure, web-based, centralized location for data supporting USSF operational systems that enables superior analytics through data integration.  The portfolio also includes Warp Core, which integrates Space Domain Awareness (SDA), C2, intelligence, operational, and system readiness-relevant data to help drive course-of-action development and decisions for complex events such as Space Order of Battle.

For more information and to get involved, contact