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Space Launch Delta 45          Space Launch Delta 30          Launch Enterprise

AATS is the Space Systems Command Program Executive Office (PEO) focused on procuring launch services and delivering on-orbit capabilities for the Warfighters, Combatant Commands, Intelligence, Civil, and Commercial communities. The organization is also responsible for range sustainment programs supporting launch and test customers.

Future Vision of Assured Access To Space

  • AATS Inherent Activities
    • LTRS - Range Sustainment; Materiel and Services
    • NSSL & RSLP: Procurement and Launch Ops Through SV Sep
    • Operate Vandenberg SFB, Patrick SFB, Cape Canaveral SFS, Eastern and Western Ranges
  • National Federation of Spaceports
    • USG and State Spaceports Collaborating Together
    • Commercial Ranch Ops & Business Models
    • Multi-Use Range Facilities; Building Capacity
    • Next-Gen Range Services & Mission Assurance
  • Mission Lifecycle Management
    • AATS-Level Ops Center for LEOT & Ranch Specific Ops Centers for Monitoring Hardware Movements
    • SV Processing Management; Building Capacity

  • Sub-Orbital Rapid Strategic Mobility
    • Rocket Cargo  - AFRL Vanguard Program; Point-to-Point Rapid Mobility
    • Space Force Element Embedded at TRANSCOM


  • On-Orbit Servicing and Maneuver
    • Orbital Servicing - Remove/Replace Payloads On-Orbit; Drive Common Standards; Commercial Refueling Capability
    • Orbital Maneuver - Leverage commercial industry for on-orbit maneuvers; Small-launch to LEO, on-orbit stages for maneuver
  • Tactically Responsive Launch
    • Provide responsive warfighter space capabilities on demand to maintain space superiority through all phases of conflict


Assured Access to Space is the largest organization within Space Systems Command with more than twenty-thousand military, civilian, and contractor personnel. AATS is comprised of Space Launch Delta 45, Space Launch Delta 30, and the Launch Enterprise.

Space Launch Delta 45
Patrick Space Force Base, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, the Eastern Range, and Ascension Island are led by the SLD 45 leadership team. In 2021, thirty-seven space and missile launches took place at the Eastern Range.

Space Launch Delta 30
Vandenberg Space Force Base, Pillar Point Air Force Station, and the Western Range fall under the command of SLD 30. In 2021 the Western Range supported eleven space and missile launches.

Launch Enterprise
The Launch Enterprise launches National Security satellites and is responsible for contracting, integration and launch operations through spacecraft separation. In 2021, LE launched eleven satellites in eight missions from four spaceports.

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